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Dry Land

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Dry Land: This Blog Post is about how to get out of a place of dryness, or feeling tired and burnt out.

Leading from a place of everlasting water.

Dry Land

The Dry Land. At times, when we’ve poured out all which we have, it may seem as though we find ourselves in a desert of dryness.

We may ask ourselves “how did I get so far?” We may do all the necessary praying, Bible reading, attending church and serving in ministry. You love God, but something is still missing.


I would dare to say it is the “intimacy” with God that we are missing. A deep thirst to be in his presence. Perhaps you’ve been longing to connect with Him. You may even have a strong thirst to hear his VOICE, an unquenchable desire, unsatisfiable by the world. A deep longing for His Presence.

The Bible says He is a jealous God.

Acts of service are an important part of our Christian walk, but it cannot replace the intimacy that God desires to have with us.

We need to Meet with God in such a way that others are not welcome.

This is a private separation in our secret place.

The Secret Place

A place of solitude - a closet, a car, a park or even a field.

A hidden and quiet place - your private place where no one can interrupt.

A place where you can meet with your jealous God. It is here that we will find rivers of water flowing down from Heaven, trickling down into our dry land, flowing with refreshment from the Holy Spirit. It is here at this place that our soul is renewed.

A dead soul has nothing to give. It is lonely, angry and depressed. A spirit filled soul is renewed by rivers of water flowing from our inner being as our master pours rivers of water into our soul. It is in this place where we begin to experience His perfect peace as we learn to humble ourselves down at the feet of Jesus.


Father, forgive me for I have fallen away. I have not made you a priority in my life. I ask you to help me make you my priority. Help me to draw near to you, renew my heart with the desire to seek you daily, bring me to the secret place where I can meet with you Amen .

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