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How to find hope

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

How to Find Hope Again when you feel as if you lost it. This blog post reveals a practical guideline to finding hope again.

In a lost and busy world its hard to discover where true happiness comes from.

how to find hope

Have you been through a difficult season and your wondering how to find hope again. You wake up in the morning and you're dreading to get up. You feel sluggish and down hearted as if nothing motivates you anymore. At one time the things you cared about the most brought you so much joy but now you're just trying to get through another day.

There is some good news I want to share with you; that heavy burdened season will be over soon.

Hope in The Church

The Church is a place where anyone can come in and experience hope. It is seen, it is tangible, and for those searching, it’s available! In the above Bible passage Jesus uses a metaphor to explain what Believers are to the rest of the world. We are salt and we are light. The second of the two is what I’d like to bring to life with a brief explanation and some understanding.


As Believers we are the light of this world and that light is Hope to others. What we do with our life brings a light to any given situation. It is a hope that can be seen from a mile away. In the Church you see men and women living a life different than what your original thoughts about them would lead you to believe. Some were, at one time in life, a drug-addict or an alcoholic(not always the case and isn’t limited to this). This isn’t what is seen now but a completely new person. Now when you hear the testimony of what Jesus did in their lives and are able to witness this the hope becomes alive and tangible to you.


If you can think of hope as light then let’s look at it like this: picture yourself in a tunnel that has collapsed and you are stuck in the dark,it’s cold, you feel pain, you’re all alone and miserable, maybe it even stinks in there. Now, there’s a search and rescue team coming. They are at what would have been the entrance, but now it is covered by rubble and boulders. As the team digs away and removes rocks little by little you can begin to see some light. Hope!! This is when the light brings hope. You are no longer pinned down without a chance of surviving.


What you can see has stirred up a change in perspective and you want to pursue it. All the pain and suffering no longer weighs you down as it did before. Time to make a move and go in the direction of that light. You saw, you wanted it, and you are now after hope. Your life is turning around little by little because of the light you saw in the Church and the lives of those living a Faith-based life. Jesus is at the center of your life and you live with a new-found gratitude. You no longer walk, talk, look, or think the same. A transformation has taken place and everyone sees it… You are the light!! Your life brings hope to others all around you as you live with purpose.

In conclusion, the Church offers hope. The Light! Hope you can see, hope you will then desire and be in pursuit of. You are now the light(hope) to your family and friends. This is all possible because Jesus died for our sins and made a way for us to receive Salvation.

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